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Inflatable Bucking Bronco Rodeo Bull For Hire

The inflatable rodeo bull is a hands-on alternative to the traditional rodeo bull.

Hang on tight and try to stay seated as your friends pull on the ropes to move and shake the inflatable bull.

Perfect for all ages and great fun, the inflatable rodeo bull uses nothing but muscle power to unseat the rider!

Inflatable Rodeo Bull Hire Prices 

Hire charge - £85

We also have an inflatable marquee that will prevent the rain spoiling the event or simply to provide shade in sunny weather. 

Minimum Space Required

Without Marquee...

18ft diameter circle

9ft 6" height clearance 

With Marquee...

25ft diameter circle

14ft height clearance

Inflatable Bucking Bronco Rodeo Bull
Inflatable Bucking Bronco Rodeo Bull
Inflatable Bucking Bronco Rodeo Bull

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